Table 1. Strains used in this work
StrainGenotypeReference or source
W303a and αade2‐1 leu2‐3,112 ura3‐1 his3‐11,15 trp1‐1 can1‐100 ssd1‐1Thomas and Rothstein (1989)
YZ73W303α TAP‐RAP1TRP1This study
YZ146W303α IFH1‐HA3G418rThis study
YZ147W303α GALUASIFH1HIS3This study
DR12W303a FHL1‐TAPG418rThis study
DR13W303a FHL1‐HA3G418rThis study
DR14W303α IFH1‐TAPTRP1This study
DR34W303α FHL1Δ∷HIS3This study
DR35W303α FHL1Δ∷HIS3, IFH1Δ∷G418rThis study
DR36W303a IFH1‐MYC9TRP1, FHL1‐HA3G418rThis study
DR37W303α IFH1‐MYC9TRP1This study
DR47W303 FHL1Δ∷HIS3, IFH1‐MYC9TRP1, (pRS316: CEN, URA3 FHL1‐HA3)This study
DR48W303 FHL1Δ∷HIS3, IFH1‐MYC9TRP1, (pRS316: CEN, URA3 ΔFH‐HA3)This study
DR49W303 FHL1Δ∷HIS3, IFH1‐MYC9TRP1, (pRS316: CEN, URA3 ΔFHA‐HA3)This study
DR57W303aFHL1Δ∷HIS3/FHL1 IFH1‐MYC9TRP1/IFH1This study
DR65W303 FHL1Δ∷HIS3, IFH1‐MYC9TRP1, (pRS316: CEN, URA3 FHL1(S325R‐HA3))This study
YNN281MATa ura3‐52, his3‐Δ200, trp1‐1, lys2‐801a, ade2‐101Cherel and Thuriaux (1995)
SHY35MATa ade2‐1, ura3‐52, trp1‐Δ1, lys2‐801, his3‐Δ200, fhl1‐Δ1HIS3Cherel and Thuriaux (1995)
D105MATa ura3‐52, his3‐Δ200, trp1‐Δ1, lys2‐801a, ade2‐101 fhl1‐Δ1HIS3 ifh1‐1URA3Cherel and Thuriaux (1995)