Table 3. κB‐site sequences do not correlate with RHD dimer specificity
GeneFunctioning RHD protein dimersκB‐site sequenceReference
MCP‐1p50:p65p52:p65p50:cRelp65:p65−2811GGGAATTTCC −2640GGGAATTCCPing et al. (1999)
JunBp50:p65p52:p65p50:cRelp65:p65+2057GGGGCTTTCCPhinney et al. (1995)
MIP‐2p50:p65p52:p65p65:p65−66GGGAATTTCCWidmer et al. (1993)
IκBαp50:p65p52:p65p65:p65−260GGGGAAGTCC −70GGAAATTCCCChiao et al. (1994)
Fasp50:p65p52:p65p65:p65−59GGAATGCCCAZheng et al. (2001)
RANTESp50:p65p52:p65−87GGGAGTTTCCLee et al. (2000)
IP‐10p50:p65p52:p65−169GGGAAATTCC −113GGGACTTCCCOhmori et al. (1992)
M‐CSFp50:p65p52:p65−378GGAAAGTCCCHarrington et al. (1991)
LIFp50:p65−77GGGGATCCCGWillson et al. (1992)
NF‐κB‐dependent genes (column 1) are listed in order of increasingly restrictive RHD protein dimer requirement (column 2). Corresponding gene promoters contain conserved κB‐sites of indicated sequences (column 3) that were show to be functional in previously published studies (column 4).