Table 2. Cryo‐EM data collection, refinement and validation statistics
TssJLM core complex (EMD‐0264) (PDB 6HS7)TssJLM complex (EMD‐0265)TssJLM C1 complex (EMD‐0266)TssJLM base complex (EMD‐0267)
Data collection and processing
 Voltage (kV)200200200200
 Electron exposure (e–/Å2)120120120120
 Defocus range (μm)0.4–50.4–50.4–50.4–5
 Pixel size (Å)
 Symmetry imposedC5C5C1C5
 Initial particle images (no.)167,825167,825167,825167,825
 Final particle images (no.)36,82836,82836,82836,828
 Map resolution (Å)
 FSC threshold0.1430.1430.1430.143
 Map resolution range (Å)3.9 and 18 Å3.8–33 Å
 Number of grid points
 Voxel size
 Initial model used (PDB code)4Y7O
 Model resolution (Å)
 FSC threshold4.6 Å
 Model resolution range (Å)
 Map sharpening B factor (Å2)
 Model composition
 Non‐hydrogen atoms52,890
 Protein residues6,905
 B factors (Å2)
 R.m.s. deviations
 Bond lengths (Å)0.006
 Bond angles (°)0.989
 MolProbity score1.92
 Poor rotamers (%)0.04
 Ramachandran plot
 Favoured (%)89.46
 Allowed (%)10.54
 Disallowed (%)0