Table 2. Changes in heat capacity and solvent accessible surface area for cteIF5B(517–858) binding to GTP, GTPγS, GDPNP and GDP
LigandCp [cal mol−1 K−1]∆ASAmin2] (with ∆cmin = 0.45)∆ASAmax2] (with ∆cmax = 0.24)
GTP−553 ± 11a1,2292,304
GTPγS−539 ± 30b1,1982,254
GDPNP−197 ± 26b433820
GDP−228 ± 10b507950
  • Cp, heat capacity change; obtained from ∆H/dT.

  • cmin and ∆cmax area coefficients in cal K−1 (mol Å2)−1 for calculation of ∆ASA.

  • ∆ASAmin and ∆ASAmax, changes in solvent accessible surface areas assuming that all changes were conferred by either apolar or 70% apolar and 30% polar surfaces, respectively.

  • a Obtained from (Kuhle & Ficner, 2014).

  • b Obtained from the slope of the linear fit to ∆H measured at different temperatures between 10 and 30°C.