Table 1. List of genes deleted or silenced in cancer and directly regulated by CBX8
Gene nameCBX8 versus mock (fold change)P‐valueBMI1 versus mock (fold change)P‐valueFunctionReferences
CDKN2A−1.770.035−1.660.053Growth arrestLundberg et al (2000)
PERP−2.250.001−1.560.005ApoptosisHildebrandt et al (2000)
GADD45G−1.220.049−1.150.119Growth arrestYing et al (2005)
UNC‐5B−1.4901.140.349ApoptosisThiebault et al (2003)
MTUS1−1.820.03−1.420.644Growth arrestSeibold et al (2003)
GJB2−2.10.007−1.390.052Cell‐to‐cell signalingMiyamoto et al (2005)
SORBS1−1.550.006−1.340.035Insulin signalingVanaja et al (2006)
ALDH1A2−1.640.0111.290.081Involved in RA synthesisKim et al (2005)
PTGIS−1.350.0431.190.001Involved in prostacyclin synthesisFrigola et al (2005)