Table 3. Infectivity of midgut sporozoites to C57BL/6 mice
CloneaNo. of injected sporozoitesNo. of infected micebPrepatent periodc
Wild type10 0003/95.0
100 0004/84.5
87‐1110 0000/6
(replacement)100 0004/136.0
L3‐19100 0000/2
(knock‐out)1 000 0000/5
L5‐13100 0001/86.0
(A‐domain)400 0002/85.5
L8‐9 (TRM)100 0002/96.0
  • a Plasmodium berghei wild type, PfTRAP replacement clone 87‐11, TRAP knock‐out clone L3‐19, PfTRAP A‐domain mutant clone L5‐13, PfTRAP TRM deletion clone L8‐9.

  • b Number of mice infected out of the total number of mice injected.

  • c Period in days between infection and appearance of first blood‐stage parasites.