Table 1. Neuronal differentiation of virus‐infected cells
VirusGenotypeAP+ clustersaMAP2+ clustersbRatio of neuronsa (%)
caNotch‐APwt3412 (0)0.6
caNotch‐APHes1−/−700 (0)0
caNotch‐APHes5−/−1890 (0)0
caNotch‐APHes1−/−‐Hes5−/−24117 (15)7.1
  • a Each isolated single AP+ cell was also counted as a cluster. The neural precursor cell cultures contained many mesenchymal cells which were also infected with virus. Because of the difficulty to distinguish between neural and mesenchymal cells in some cases, the number of all infected clusters was counted. As a result, the ratios of neurons were lower than those observed when only neural precursor cells were used.

  • b MAP2+ and AP+ clusters were counted. The total number of isolated single cells and small clusters (2–10 cells) is indicated in parentheses.