Table 1. Mutation synthetically lethal with Δalg5 and hypoglycosylating secretory proteins
LocusNo. of allelesPhenotype reference
STT350Zufferey et al. (1995)
OST320Karaoglu et al. (1995)
OST55this work
WBP13te Heesen et al. (1992)
OST12Silberstein et al. (1995a)
SWP11te Heesen et al. (1993)
OST21Silberstein et al. (1995b)
  • The different mutant strains were classified into complementation groups based on the 5‐FOA‐sensitive phenotype. All mutations result in an underglycosylation of CPY. The loci defined by the different groups were identified by transformation of representative strains with plasmids encoding individual OTase subunits and tested for growth at 37°C.