Table 4. YPD1 is required for SLN1 signaling to the P‐lacZ reporter
StrainaRelevant genotypebCEN plasmidcNormalized β‐galactosidase activityd
RJY1209SLN1 ssk1‐Δ ypd1‐Δvector100
RJY1212sln1* ssk1‐Δ ypd1‐Δvector103
RJY1209SLN1 ssk1‐Δ ypd1‐ΔYPD1158
RJY1212sln1* ssk1‐Δ ypd1‐ΔYPD1812
  • a All strains carry the 2μ P‐lacZ reporter, pGY48 (Yu et al., 1995).

  • b In this table, sln1 refers to the sln1‐21 allele (Fassler et al., 1997).

  • c CENYPD1 plasmid, pCLM659.

  • d β‐galactosidase values were calculated as described in the legend to Table II. In this experiment, standard deviations were <20% of the average with the exception of RJY1209 carrying the YPD1 plasmid for which the standard deviation was 38% of the average value. Average values were normalized to the ssk1Δ ypd1Δ strain. The actual average value of this strain was 66 Miller units (Miller, 1972).