Table 2. Changes in SKN7 dosage affect SLN1 signaling to the P‐lacZ reporter
StrainaRelevant genotypebCEN plasmidscNormalized β‐galactosidase activityd
JF1331SLN1 SKN7none120
JF1738SLN1 skn7‐Δnone100
JF1359sln1* SKN7none457
JF1739sln1* skn7‐Δnone114
JF1787SLN1 skn7‐ΔSKN7236
JF1790SLN1 skn7‐Δvector100
JF1795sln1* skn7‐ΔSKN71554
JF1798sln1* skn7‐Δvector108
  • a All strains carry pGY48, the 2μ P‐lacZ reporter plasmid (Yu et al., 1995).

  • b sln1 refers to the sln1‐21 allele (Fassler et al., 1997).

  • c Plasmids: CEN SKN7, pSL232; vector, pRS315.

  • d β‐galactosidase values are reported as the average of between three and six trials involving at least three individual colonies or transformants. Average values were normalized to the SLN1 skn7‐Δ strain in each experimental set. Standard deviations were less than 25% of the average. The actual average value for a SLN1 skn7Δ strain was 84 Miller units (Miller, 1972).