Table 1. The 10 largest putative intergenic regions in the S.cerevisiae genome
Genes whose 5′ end flanks the intergenic regionSize (bp)Gene product information
FLO11aMRS13617Cell surface protein–RNA splicing factor
AAP1′–YHR048w3295aminopeptidase–MFS transporter homolog
YDL211c–tRNA‐Gly3134novel ORF–tRNA
HO3082mating type switching endonuclease
GOG52990MFS transporter homolog
YOR192c2860MFS transporter homolog
PSA12816GDP‐mannose pyrophosphorylase
YPR014c2763novel ORF
TIR2–YOR011w2727cold‐shock protein–ABC transporter homolog
IME1RPL43B2652early meiotic gene activator–ribosomal protein L43B
  • Bold indicates developmental genes known to contain large complex promoter regions. Gene product information was obtained from the Yeast Protein Database (

  • a There exists an annotated 101 amino acid open reading frame (ORF), YIR020c, whose 5′ end lies 882 bp upstream of the FLO11 ORF. However, because this regions lies in the promoter of FLO11 defined experimentally in this study, it may correspond to a chance occurrence rather than to an expressed gene.