Table 1. Strain list
StrainRelevant genotypeComments/source
CY432a SWI+ HO::lacZPollard and Peterson (1997)
CY433α swi10‐28(snf5) HO::lacZPollard and Peterson (1997)
CY434α swi9‐289(gcn5) HO::lacZPollard and Peterson (1997)
CY435α swi7‐288 (ada3) HO::LacZPollard and Peterson (1997)
CY436α swi8‐299 (ada2) HO::LacZPollard and Peterson (1997)
CY561a ada2Δ::URA3‐hisGisogenic to CY432 (Pollard and Peterson, 1997)
CY562a ada3::URA3‐hisGisogenic to CY432 (Pollard and Peterson, 1997)
CY563a gcn5Δ::URA3‐hisGisogenic to CY432 (Pollard and Peterson, 1997)
CY761α HO::LacZ gcn5Δ::URA3‐hisGsegregant 1c CY563 × CY763
CY763α spe1Δ::LEU2H.Tabor 359
CY765α HO::LacZ spe1Δ::LEU2segregant 2a CY563 × CY763
CY769a HO::LacZ spe1Δ::LEU2 gcn5Δ::URA3‐hisGsegregant 2c CY563 × CY763
CY771α SPE1 SPE2 SPE3 GCN5H.Tabor 2602
CY773a HO::LacZ SPE1 GCN5segregant 1d CY563 × CY763
CY776a HO::LacZ spe1Δ::LEU2segregant 3a CY563 × CY763
CY777a HO::LacZ spe1Δ::LEU2 swi2Δ::TRP1CY776 with swi2Δ::TRP1 cassette (J.Krebs, unpublished)
CY778a HO::LacZ swi2Δ::TRP1CY773 with swi2Δ::TRP1 cassette