Table 3. Summary of genotypes of clones with SCneo expansion products
CloneaXhoI‐HindIII fragment(s)SegregationbClassc
A‐354.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1a
U1‐504.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1a
U3‐3524.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1a
U3‐3994.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1a
U3‐5377.3 kbNA1a
U4‐344.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1a
U4‐4494.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1a
A‐264.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1b
A‐304.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1b
A‐94.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1b
U1‐554.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1b
U2‐1364.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1b
U2‐984.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1b
U4‐4224.0 kb, 7.3 kb+1b
U4‐447.2 kbNA2
U4‐653.5 kb, 4.0 kb, 7.5 kb+2
U4‐844.0 kb, 7.0 kb2
A‐243.5 kb, 4.0 kb, 5.0 kb+3
U1‐694.0 kb, 7.3 kb+3
U4‐4904.0 kb, 7.3 kb+4
A‐207.3 kbNA5
U3‐4504.0 kb, 7.3 kb+5
U4‐4664.0 kb, 7.3 kb5
A‐404.0 kb, 8.3 kb+6
U4‐5678.0 kbNA6
U4‐682.0 kb, 7.0 kb, 7.3 kb+6
A‐294.0 kb, 8.0 kb+ND
A‐42.4 kb, 7.3 kbND
U1‐637.3 kbNAND
  • a ‘A’ clones are derived from the parental AA8 (10‐4) cell line; ‘U’ clones are derived from the parental V79 (4‐18) cell line.

  • b Segregation of the different sized XhoI‐HindIII bands into subclones of the indicated clone. +, bands segregate; −, bands do not segregate; NA, not applicable since only a single band was present. All of the NA clones were subcloned, and each was found to contain the described band.

  • c As defined in Figure 4 or not determined (ND).