Table 1. Antigen and integrin ligand affinities
AntigenKA (× 106 M−1)Integrin ligandKA (106 M−1)
3‐83 bindingVCAM‐1
p3165High‐affinity VLA‐410
p117Low‐affinity VLA‐4∼0.1
HyHEL10 bindingICAM‐1
HELWT50 000High‐affinity LFA‐1∼2
HELRD2080Low‐affinity LFA‐1∼0.01
The KA values for the different peptides/3‐83 antibody and HEL mutants/HyHEL10 antibody were obtained using the Biacore, as previously described (Batista and Neuberger, 1998; Carrasco et al, 2004). The values derived represent the affinity of the dimeric antibody for the peptide in the case of 3‐83. The values of HyHEL10 for HELWT and the different HEL mutants account for the monomeric interaction. The KA values for the integrins VLA‐4 (Chigaev et al, 2003) and LFA‐1 (Lollo et al, 1993) in high‐ and low‐affinity states were previously reported.