Table 1. IgVλ mutations in [hSMUG1] and control transfectants in DT40X2U
CellsIgVλ sequencesaMutation typebMutation load
Expansion (week)% sIgMTotal (n)Mutated (%)Total (n)Independent (n)Transversions at C:G (n)% TvnscMutations/mutated sequence
hSMUG1 transfectant
Vector‐only transfectant
aSequences obtained from subpopulations (2%) sorted as giving the dullest staining with anti‐IgM.
bAll the independent 266 mutational events observed in this study were single nucleotide substitutions except for six possible gene conversions and four deletions.
cThe percentage of substitutions at C:G base pairs that are nucleotide transversions.
dOne jackpot mutation in this clone was present in most of the sequences obtained.