A cyclic GMP‐dependent signalling pathway regulates bacterial phytopathogenesis

Shi‐Qi An, Ko‐Hsin Chin, Melanie Febrer, Yvonne McCarthy, Jauo‐Guey Yang, Chung‐Liang Liu, David Swarbreck, Jane Rogers, J Maxwell Dow, Shan‐Ho Chou, Robert P Ryan

Author Affiliations

  • Shi‐Qi An
  • Ko‐Hsin Chin
  • Melanie Febrer
  • Yvonne McCarthy
  • Jauo‐Guey Yang
  • Chung‐Liang Liu
  • David Swarbreck
  • Jane Rogers
  • J Maxwell Dow
  • Shan‐Ho Chou
  • Robert P Ryan

Since the publication of this article, the authors have noticed several errors that in any case do not affect the original conclusions presented. The authors apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The gel presented in panel A of Figure 2 suggests a slightly incorrect size for the purified CYC domain of XC_250. Panel E in the same figure incorrectly describes D28 as D41 (see below). The correct figure and legend are shown below. Source data for this figure is now available on the online supplementary information page.

Figure 1.

The isolated CYC domain of XC_0250 possesses guanylyl cyclase activity. (A) SDS–PAGE of the CYCHis6 protein purified by nickel affinity chromatography showed a single band of the expected size. Image shows spliced lanes from the SDS/PAGE gel. Lane 1: protein marker; lanes 2, 3: total protein; lanes 4, 5: samples purified by the Ni …

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