Isolated lymphatic endothelial cells transduce growth, survival and migratory signals via the VEGF‐C/D receptor VEGFR‐3

Taija Mäkinen, Tanja Veikkola, Satu Mustjoki, Terhi Karpanen, Bruno Catimel, Edouard C. Nice, Lyn Wise, Andrew Mercer, Heinrich Kowalski, Dontscho Kerjaschki, Steven A. Stacker, Marc G. Achen, Kari Alitalo

Author Affiliations

  1. Taija Mäkinen1,
  2. Tanja Veikkola1,
  3. Satu Mustjoki2,
  4. Terhi Karpanen1,
  5. Bruno Catimel3,
  6. Edouard C. Nice3,
  7. Lyn Wise4,
  8. Andrew Mercer4,
  9. Heinrich Kowalski5,
  10. Dontscho Kerjaschki5,
  11. Steven A. Stacker3,
  12. Marc G. Achen3 and
  13. Kari Alitalo*,1
  1. 1 Molecular/Cancer Biology Laboratory and Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Haartman Institute and Helsinki University Hospital, Biomedicum Helsinki, University of Helsinki, FIN‐00014, Helsinki, Finland
  2. 2 Stem Cell Laboratory and Laboratory of Hematology, Department of Clinical Chemistry, Helsinki University Hospital, FIN‐00029, Helsinki, Finland
  3. 3 Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, 3050, Australia
  4. 4 Department of Microbiology, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
  5. 5 Department of Pathology, University of Vienna Medical School, A‐1090, Vienna, Austria
  1. *Corresponding author. E-mail: kari.alitalo{at}
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