Localized Bicaudal‐C RNA encodes a protein containing a KH domain, the RNA binding motif of FMR1

Michèle Mahone, Emma E. Saffman, Paul F. Lasko

Author Affiliations

  • Michèle Mahone
  • Emma E. Saffman
  • Paul F. Lasko

In the above paper, the nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence of the Bic‐C gene was published as Figure 5. Subsequently, sequencing of additional mutant Bic‐C alleles in the authors' laboratory and the completion of the genomic sequence surrounding Bic‐C by the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project (BDGP) have indicated a number of errors in the sequence. The revised sequence, which, with the exception of one nucleotide in the 5′ UTR, agrees entirely with that reported by the BDGP, is published below as a revised Figure 5.